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Community description:Pokémon Fanfiction Prompts & Challenges!
pokeprompts @ dreamwidth
✰ W E L C O M E

[community profile] pokeprompts is a Pokémon fanfic challenge and prompt community.

Every month, we give out a challenge with various prompts and requirements. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a fic—as many as you want—that meets the challenge's demands. At the end of the month, everyone votes for their favorite fics. The winners lreceive recognition, bragging rights, and sometimes even prizes!

We also run occasional weekly blitz fic events, fic swaps, contests, and other events. Check their announcement posts for more information about them!

☆ Current Prompts ☆
Monthly: Click Here
Weekly Blitz: Click Here
Event: Secret Stantler Holiday Exchange

Have ideas for prompts, challenges, whatever? click here!

Please help us advertise!

✰ R U L E S

★ All verses (anime/games/manga/etc.), pairings, characters, and Pokémon are welcomed! (But please no original characters.)

★ Use this header template:

★ Don't forget to use an LJ-cut (or fake cut)!

★ R/NC-17 is fine. Just give clear warnings. (Click here for more info.)

★ Fanart is allowed only if it is illustrating a fic. Here is an example!


★ Leave concrit/comments! Reviewing other people's work adds +100 to your karma stat.

★ NO DRAMA. It's a party up in here—don't ruin it!

★ General discussion is allowed as long as it's about Pokémon fandom/fanfiction—fanon discussions, fic recs, etc., not the series' latest news (there's [community profile] pokemon for that).
★ Please don't advertise; just drop the mods a line instead. If we like it, we'll pimp it out for you. ♥ (Also, we love affiliates like candy.)
★ Please don't write about illegal things (i.e. please age the characters up). If you want crazy stuff, go over to [personal profile] pokekink_meme—that's what it's for.
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