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A few notes

There seems to be some confusion over what kinds of submissions are and aren't allowed, so here are some things you should know!

Let's start at the extremes and work our way in.

Don't Post
Rule of thumb: If it's illegal, don't post it.

More detail:
  • Extremely detailed descriptions of gore: think Versus or Saw here.
  • Any sort of explicit/suggestive illegal sexual situation: underage, necrophilia, bestiality, etc.

Rule of thumb: If it's not safe for work, friendslock it and give clear warnings.

More detail:
  • Anything that you would rate R or NC-17
  • Graphic sex (lemons) or suggestive scenes (limes)
  • Non-sexual Lolita-type situations
  • Violent character death

Leave Public
Rule of thumb: Everything else. Give clear warnings if you feel they're necessary.

More detail:
  • Cursing
  • Fighting and mentions of bleeding (e.g. a split lip)
  • Non-violent character death (please warn)

If you've got any further questions, ask away. ♥