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Hey, check these guys out! They're practically the definition of cool.

If you're interested in affiliating, just leave a comment here or send one of the mods a PM! ♥



[livejournal.com profile] pokegamefic is an awesome game-centric fanfiction community.
[community profile] pokefics is a general Pokémon fanfiction comm.
[livejournal.com profile] newbarkheroes is an HGSS-centric fanworks community.
[community profile] betaplease is a beta-reader comm: find a beta or offer to beta here.


Prompt Challenges/Contests

[community profile] daily_prompt offers a new prompt for writerly inspiration every day.
[community profile] dailyprompt is another daily prompt comm!
[livejournal.com profile] pokechallenge is a Pokémon icon contest!


[community profile] anime_manga is a community for anime & manga fanworks and general discussion.