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All the fics from our 2012 round have been posted, so feel free to come browse through them!
We had six entries for gameverse, animeverse, and mystery dungeon.

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1st-Jun-2012 12:48 am - Pokeprompts 019: Race
musicintuition: Blue (Silver 1)
Title: Not Even the Ground
Author: musicintuition
Rating: PG-13 (lots of violence, some triggery stuff)
Verse: Gameverse (Gen 2/4); semi-AU
Characters: Red, Green, Leaf, Silver, Kris, Lyra, and Ethan
Summary: They're trying to save the world, but they might tear themselves apart in the process. In which a tiger, a dragon, and a phoenix try to repair a broken Goldenrod City against all odds.
Notes: Written for the Pokeprompts challenge for May 2012. I feel like it's sort of rushed, given the context of the prompt, but considering I only had twenty minutes to write each section, I feel as though I did a rather magnificent job. Writing sad stuff makes me sad. Technically this is late, but it's still May 31st in California.

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