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28th-Oct-2012 05:11 pm - Blitz 007 Fill
hikarmine: (Default)
Title: Even Psychics Can't Fight Every Nightmare
Author: [personal profile] hikarmine
Rating: PG
Verse: Anime
Characters: Sabrina
Summary: A yamask floats by, and Sabrina is afraid.


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All the fics from our 2012 round have been posted, so feel free to come browse through them!
We had six entries for gameverse, animeverse, and mystery dungeon.

2012 Entries Tag

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Enjoy the fics, and if you have a moment, leave a comment! Everyone worked super hard to put these entries together, and they'd love to hear what you thought!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, just a heads-up that you have just a few days left until the Summer Color Challenge is over.

The challenge ends on 11:59PM, Aug. 31, 2012, and has some pretty sweet prizes! And your fic only has to be 500 words, so please consider throwing a fic into the contest!
13th-Jul-2012 03:52 pm - Find You - Colour Challenge
hikarmine: (Default)
Title: Find You
[personal profile] hikarmine
Verse: Anime
Characters: Reshiram
Summary: Reshiram reflects on what it exists for - truth.
Notes: Haven't written fanfic in years, and I saw the Black movie only once, so um...please don't kill me.
I don't know, I just had a flash of inspiration to write something. ^^; Chose white as my prompt.
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31st-May-2012 09:30 pm - prompt 019: race
rosejailmaiden: (james)
 Title: Beginnings
Author: [personal profile] rosejailmaiden / nekusagi
Rating: PG just to be on the safe side
Verse: Anime
Characters: Jessie, James, Meowth, Viper, Giovanni, Delia, Pierce, Dr. Zager, Brock, Grings Kodai
Pairings: Giovanni/Delia
Summary: Seven short, music-inspired stories about beginnings.
Author's Notes: This was a fun exercise and I'm honestly surprised at how much I can pull off in twenty minutes of writing. Dr. Zager is a character from the BW season of Pokemon, and the Team Rocket scientist Jessie, James, and Meowth work for. Pierce is also from BW and a Team Rocket agent who works with the trio early in the season. Grings Kodai is the villain of the thirteenth Pokemon movie Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Seven beginnings...

LJ link for those who want to read+comment there

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