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20th-Aug-2012 02:32 am - Prompt 021: Color Challenge Response
digitalized: (Pokemon ♪ Ditto Gum)
Title: With Black in Her Hands
Author: [personal profile] digitalized
Rating: PG
Verse: Game-verse, Gen V
Characters: Hilda-centric, N, Cheren, Bianca
Summary: Hilda searches for more power. Also known as: the Pokemon Black/White plot with a magical twist.

Notes: First time posting here, hope I did things right...I went with the color black, and the prompt word appears late in the fic but I tried adding the general ideas of the other words in, too. I don't normally write like this so if anyone has any opinions, I would love to hear it. I felt like I was summarizing events I think should happen, but it doesn't work right and it runs on quite a while. No spoilers for BW2 because I haven't played those yet.

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