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31st-Jan-2012 11:04 pm - Queen's Gambit, Accepted
axolotl: (Default)
Title: Queen's Gambit, Accepted
Author: axolotl
Rating: PG
Verse: HGSS/BLW, significantly postgame; chess (algebraic notation)
Characters: Silver/trans!N, Silver/Kotone
Summary: Silver and Julie/N sit down to play a game of chess in a cafe in Sunyshore, while Kotone flits about.
Notes: Hypothetically takes place after New Game + but does not contain significant spoilers for that and does not need that. Written for this pokeprompts prompt; the moves of the chess game theoretically correspond to the different definitions of move, in order, as laid out in the prompt. ...it's not midnight in my time zone yet, this is still on time. :D

A double fianchetto? Who are you, Aggron Nimzovich?
3rd-Jan-2012 07:56 pm - Prompt 016: Transitory
pokemod: (by koyuki @ DW. [eevee hat])

PROMPT 016 // Word // Jan 2012 // ❝Transitory❞


★ Fill the challenge!
Post it here using the tag *prompt 016: transitory!
★ Make sure to do so before January 31!
★ Vote for your favorite fills.
★ Tune in to see the winners!

Please make sure you're familiar with the RULES before you start!

Prompt under the cut! )

Let's make our first fully-DW round a good one! Go go go!
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