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25th-Dec-2011 06:53 am - Prompt 015: Winter Light
pokemod: (by koyuki @ DW. [ gen iv])

PROMPT 015 // Song // Dec 2011 // ❝Winter Light❞


★ Fill the challenge!
Post it here using the tag *prompt 015: winter light!
★ Make sure to do so before December 31!
★ Vote for your favorite fills.
★ Tune in to see the winners!

Please make sure you're familiar with the RULES before you start!

Prompt under the cut! )
Happy December writing!

Hope everyone had a successful and productive Nanowrimo. Good luck with finals and other writing exchanges this month, and be sure to look forward to fics at [livejournal.com profile] pkmnficxchange in late December!
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