21st-Sep-2017 01:15 pm - [ BOOK WISHLIST ]
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The Ideals and Practice of Medieval Knighthood I
The Ideals and Practice of Medieval Knighthood II
The Ideals and Practice of Medieval Knighthood III
(all three edited by Christopher Harper-Bill and Ruth Harvery)
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I'm offering fanmixes on [community profile] harvey_fanaid! They're all really cheap, ranging from $1-$5 depending how many songs you want your mix to have. :3 You don't even have to ask for a fandom! Whether you want a compilation of calm music, LGBTQ lovesongs, or High Octane Nightmare Fuel: The Soundtrack, you bet I'll make it for you~ ♥♥♥
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Leave two ships in my replies and I'll choose which I ship more. :)
19th-Sep-2017 08:38 pm - Fanfic discussion, vol 1
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Yeah, I'm the loser who doesn't have a (serious) tumblr account. By serious, I mean something I manage to maintain regularly. I have created 2 accounts, one for a writing challenge for Sharkbait (ship name for Matsuoka Rin and Nanase Haruka of Free!) which I hardly touched since I created it last October of... was it 2014? Omigosh, I can't even remember. Then there's the tumblr shrine for Anzai Shintaro which I haven't touched in more than a year and a half. I've noticed most fanfic authors use tumblr as a platform to share anything fic-related.

I have this DW and LJ blog which was originally created for the purpose of using it under my fanfic pseudonym to share anything fic-related. But somewhere along the line, I began using it more as a personal journal.

Now I hope to use these blogs to post any news or updates related to fanfictions I write. Not that I think anyone would be interested, but in case readers ask for a place where they can check whether I'm still alive if I'm not updating any of my works in progress in like 6 months or so, I'll go ahead and point them here.

So what am I currently working on? Well, a lot. But life always get in the way.
1)Turbulence - I missed my posting date for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship because I haven't been able to finish the fic I'm writing. The fic is based on the Harlequin summary of Turbulent Covenant by Jessica Steele. I purposely looked for any Harlequin or Mills & Boon summary related to airline pilots because I wanted to write a story about Jinguji Ren and Hijirikawa Masato of UtaPri being pilots, inspired by the promo banner I created for the challenge and well, I created a fic banner out of it:

banner and excerpt )

2) Cardboard Bridges - working on the last chapter and eager to move on to the 3rd part of the series.

excerpt )

3) Horizon - I haven't started with the next chapter yet.

4) Bound by Destiny - I need to start on the next chapter before I forget about this. Again.

5) Within This Vast Star - I am working on the next chapter, but I aim to finish this before I start posting again. And I am planning to change the title.

excerpt )

There are others, most of which are entries for Trope Bingo round 9, but I'm too lazy to go through them now. Now that I think about it, most of my works in progress are for the UtaPri fandom. I need to write more for the others. I do follow more than 30 fandoms.


18th-Sep-2017 01:25 am - TrickorTreatEx letter
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17th-Sep-2017 08:24 pm - Meme from [personal profile] singloom
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Fandom, personal life stuff, political, and so on, let the opinions fly. No judgement or shaming here, please.

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17th-Sep-2017 07:37 pm - Stolen from [personal profile] cypsiman2
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Send me a canon and I will describe how 4Kids would "localize" it.
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Toxic lessons from dumblr: BDSM is abuse. Um, WHAT?

Talk about NSFW topics and abuse and Puri's enraged screaming. )

I hope to GOD someone types an extremely long and detailed rebuttal to that post complete with links and professional sources, because I can't stand the thought of damaging misinformation like this spreading like wildfire.
11th-Sep-2017 10:34 am - Ladiesbingo card
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I got a [community profile] ladiesbingo card a week ago and since I've been a little frazzled lately, I kept forgetting to post it. ^^;;

I'm still struggling to write and I haven't even been trying to draw but the want is there. I've just been lazy. And playing so much Skyrim omg I need to pull my ass away from it.

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9th-Sep-2017 10:47 pm - hiss hiss slither slither
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Haven't been online too much lately. I moved to a new place last week, and my thought process was something like, "Oh, it won't take too long, I don't have that much stuff!"

Aha. Ahaha.

But, anyway, the furniture is (mostly) together and my boxes are (mostly) unpacked and my commute is officially reasonable, so I call that a win! It feels weird to have an extra hour and a half in my day suddenly--what do I even do with myself? (Mostly the answer has been 'play video games and write and nap on the floor', but I think/hope I'll eventually find it in me to go out and explore my new surroundings more.)

Reptilian Ramblings )

In other news, Breath of the Wild continues to be an excellent game. I finished up the Gerudo Desert and Vah Naboris (Gerudo outfit is best outfit, and also I ship Zelda and Urbosa now because dang that height difference), so now I'm wandering the land and tracking down various shrines because I desperately don't want it to be over yet. (Not that I can't keep playing after I beat it, but that always feels different somehow.)

I'm also endlessly amused by how the Great Fairy upgrade animation keeps getting more and more suggestive as I unlock more ranks. I only have one fairy left to find, and I have a feeling the final sequence is going to be just... amazing.
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