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Prompt 22: A glimpse into Team Plasma's regular life

Title: Chantepleurer
Author: [personal profile] shinpakku 
Rating: PG-13 (some language)
Verse: Gen V, BW
Characters: Team Plasma Grunts
Summary: In which a love-stricken teammate is heavier of a burden than love sickness itself.


The chair next to him scraped against the floor, screeching unpleasantly before someone plopped down with a sigh.


He nodded in acknowledgement but didn't look up from his coffee, swirling it around slowly, methodically, to the lulling rhythm of the musician's guitar. At the back of his mind, he realized he knew this song--"Flying Through White Forest"--and unconsciously began to hum the melody, the dimly lit cafe before him fading away as an image of lush green leaves gently floating in the wind replaced it.

"One rawst berry tea, please, no sugar," the man next to him said in a raised voice as he waved down a waiter. "So, Lightning."


"How's the, uh, situation?"

Red hair swaying slightly back and forth to the music, Lightning took a slow sip of his coffee, savoring the creamy sweet liquid that spread and lingered over his taste buds. "I see you still like to order bitter shit."

Neon grimaced. "That bad, huh?" He ran a hand through his auburn hair, gradually sliding down his seat. "What did she do this time?"

Another sip. "She wanted a Casteliacone, but since it’s a Friday they’re all sold out, so she cornered a kid instead and took his, plus his pocket money. A statistician was going around asking which gym leader people thought was the cutest, and she pounced on him, breaking his glasses. Then she bought a couple Soda Pops, shook them, and threw them at some dancers."

Neon's eyebrows furrowed. "That just sounds like standard Aurora."

"I'm not done," Lightning said, setting his cup down as he started counting off fingers on his hand. "A couple thugs started hitting on her so she took care of them and pinned them down in the trashcans with her Trubbish. She hijacked a boat and almost crashed into a rock, but I managed to convince her to go back before the senile old man realized it wasn't actually his long lost daughter in charge of the steering wheel. Then she broke down in the middle of the street when an artist went up to her and asked if she'd pose for a moment, so I ended up dragging her back down the alleyway where she beat up the thugs.” With a sigh, Lightning leaned back in his chair and gave a shrug. “And now we're here."

"...And now we're here," Neon repeated slowly, as if he wasn't sure if he was talking to a child or not. "And now we're here. In a café. A public place. A small, public place.” He groaned. “Why didn't you just bring her back to the castle where it's, you know, safer?"

Lightning winced. "Well, about that. She mellowed out a bit when she broke down so I thought it'd be okay if I got her something to drink..."


"She, well, Aurora started to sing."

As if on cue, a faint gurgling noise emerged from behind the two men. Lightning only clapped a hand on Neon's shoulder before taking another sip of his coffee.

"...Mmrrmm...Lord N...I...."

The waiter came back, placing a cup of tea down on the counter before quickly taking off to the kitchen with, Neon noted, what was a panicked expression on his face.

"..I....I failed....I FAILED YOU...MY LORD..."

The orange-haired girl's mumbling quickly escalated to wailing, her cries resounding and bouncing off the walls.

"That brown-haired WENCH, THAT SHORT-WEARING SLUT!" Aurora screeched out, pounding a fist against a table. "WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?!"

Neon slowly turned his head around, glancing briefly at the musician next to him who continued to play, unfazed by the outburst, before taking in the sight of his teammate's tear-stained face and gnashing teeth.


Aurora suddenly hiccuped then and broke into a fit of choked out sobs, balled fists coming up to cover her face.

"Th-th-the wiiiiind," she started to sing, gasping sharply after each syllable, voice cracking, "is b-blowiiinnng, straight th-throuugh my hea-a-arrrrt....m-my HEART....."

"You're tea is getting cold," Lightning said, looking as if he swallowed a Seismitoad while pointing at the cup in question. "Don't waste it."


Neon turned back around just as Aurora began to hack out what seemed to be half her lungs, another wave of tears spilling over her eyes.

"--INTO THE TREEEeeesss, we will beeee, togetheeerrrr, with our legendaryy draaaaagoooon chiiiillldreeeeen--"

"This...isn't the actual lyrics to 'Flying Through White Forest,' is it?"

Lightning’s pained look turned indignant. "No, definitely not."


“Why was she so quiet before?”

“She cried herself to sleep.”



The shrill, banshee-like voice cut off all at once, followed by a heavy, graceless thump of limbs onto a table and soft, gentle snoring.

"So that's..."

"That's her crying herself to sleep."


A moment later, two clacks of pottery could be heard, followed by the scratching of chair legs against tiled floor, all the time enveloped by the steady strumming of a guitar. When the two men walked past the musician, they respectfully bowed their heads, taking the time to drop a good amount of pokédollars in his guitar case before walking towards their main task.

"I don't know about you," Neon said as he gingerly picked up his sleeping teammate, slinging an arm across his shoulders while Lightning took her other arm, "but I think we've been off duty long enough."

His red-haired partner nodded gravely.

"Remind me to never agree with her girls' night out plans ever again."

Chantepleurer -- singing while crying
A tribute to a female Plasma Grunt I battled in Chargestone Cave who, judging from her dialogue, was almost obsessed about N as I was.
Also, their names are all forms of plasma (neon lights, lightning, northern lights/aurora).
Bonus points to whoever can name the caf
é I wrote about.

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[personal profile] prospitian 2012-09-30 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
oh my god i should not be laughing this hard

but yes I really like this! it's well-paced, absolutely hilarious, and a great way to take the prompt. also bonus points for grunt appreciation. ♥
redwoodalchan: Silly Drifloon from "Red Sun" fic (Default)

[personal profile] redwoodalchan 2012-10-02 07:36 pm (UTC)(link)
That is quite funny. It's totally believable that Plasma grunts would get crushes on N, seeing as he seems to have been designed for sex appeal. I have to say I wouldn't think Ghetsis would stand for giving his grunts the opportunity to go out like this, considering they might spill whatever it is they know about what his actual plans are if they have too much freedom (especially if they're drunk or just hysterical, as this female grunt is). Of course, that could just be my opinion.

Incidentally, the female grunt you mentioned in this story strikes me as being pretty young, to be throwing tantrums like this in public. Was that your intention? If it is, it begs the question about just who gets recruited to Team Plasma, and for what purpose. It could make the leaders of Team Plasma that much more sinister if they try to recruit people as grunts who aren't much older than Hilda herself, since teenagers tend to be suggestible.
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[personal profile] caelz 2012-10-21 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Personally, the beginning combined with me not being familiar with the Black & White storyline made me utterly and completely lost. If this is just a generic story about the grunts in the game, I think it might not be a bad idea to add a little more detail to hint at/clarify that. Awesome choice. :P

Whoever this Aurora is, she's absolutely hilarious. I love the mishief you get her into.

I also really enjoy the way you space your dialogue, it makes it really easy to get into a conversation without getting bogged down by 'talk' words. Much love for your descriptions. <3