October 15th, 2016 
pokemod: (by koyuki @ DW. [pikachu cake])
Banner for the 2016 Pokemon Gift Exchange
(Banner credit: Icie)

See you next year!

It's time for our extra-lucky seventh year of [community profile] pokeprompts' annual pokémon holiday fanwork exchange! Once again, all gifts will be hosted on Dreamwidth with cross-linking and updates to [tumblr.com profile] secretstantler.

We continue to accept fanwork from every area of the Pokémon franchise, including Pokemon Go, Pokemon Generations and even SunMoon!

How this works: sign up, give someone a fanwork (fanfiction or fanart), and receive a gift in return. Everyone wins! ♥

All writers and artists are welcome to participate.

More info under the cut! )
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