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Rare Pair Challenge: CHECK IN ONE

TOURNAMENT // Mar 2013 // Check Point!

CLOSED; come back next Thursday for the midway check-in!

Hello! We are doing optional weekly check-ins for this challenge. Here's how it works:
  1. Leave a comment with your current word count. All comments are screened.

  2. (OPTIONAL) If you react well to competition and would like to know what place you are currently (first, second, etc.), please mention that in your comment. Further, if you would like to know how many words you are behind the leader, mention that too. If you do NOT want to know any of these statistics, just don't ask for them! It's all good.

  3. If you've requested more information, in two days we will reply to your comment with your statistics (in a screened comment of our own).

We currently have seven participants and we hope to see you all check in. Good luck and happy writing, everyone!

P.S. - if you haven't signed up for the challenge yet and still want to participate, it's not too late! Sign up now!