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March Madness Tournament: Rare Pair Challenge!

TOURNAMENT // Mar 2013 // Rules & Sign-Up

It's time for our annual MARCH MADNESS tournament! This year, the challenge is rare pairs, and the winner receives a $50 donation to the charity of their choice!

☼ rules.

What is the challenge?
  • Write as many words of rare pair fic as you can. The competitor with the highest word count by the end of one month wins!
  • You don't have to be a member of [community profile] pokeprompts to compete, though we'd love it if you were!

What counts towards my final word count?
  • You can up your word count any way you want: drabbles, flashfics, poetry, one-shots, multichapter works, kink meme fills, whatever.
  • You can also publish those fics anywhere you want (we have an AO3 collection here). Please keep track of your fics—we'll be asking you for links to all your pieces at the end.
  • You can write about a million different rare pairs or just focus on one. You can also write about OT3s and up.
  • WIPs also add to your word count—you don't have to complete your piece(s) by the end of the month.
  • All works created must be new for this challenge. Adding new chapters to your older Brycen/Gardenia fic, while totally awesome, will not add to your word count.

What counts as a rare pair?
  • We're allowing you to use your good judgement. Stay away from the popular pairings—Red/Green, Ash/Misty, Morty/Falkner, etc.—and write about relationships you've never tried before!
  • All verses accepted (games, manga, anime, etc.). You can write about pokemon too, but please remember our our "no OCs" rule.
  • Non-romantic relationships also count, so if you want to write about Tate and Liza's sibling relationship, go for it!
  • If you don't know what rare pairs to write for, we heartily recommend visiting the kink memes for inspiration: [livejournal.com profile] pokanon and [personal profile] pokekink_meme.

How do I sign up?
  • To compete, just leave a comment here and START WRITING! All comments are screened.
  • If you do not have a DW account but still want to compete, leave an anonymous comment with your username and where you will be posting your fics. For example, "I'd like to compete, and my fics will be posted at Skylark @ AO3! Here's a link to my account: [link]"
  • If you want to write kink meme fills anonymously, but still want your fills to count for this challenge, just pick a number in your sign-up comment. Then, when you post fills on the kink meme, mention that number somewhere so we can track you. For example, as a "header" on my fill I might say "I'm competitor 14 for the rarepair challenge" and then continue with my fic.

What's the winner's prize?
  • The winner of the challenge will have 50 USD donated to the (quality) charity of their choice! (All we ask is that you please do your research on Charity Navigator and choose wisely; also, we will not donate to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army.)

☼ dates.
  • March 7 - Challenge begins (sign-ups are open for the duration of the tournament)

  • March 21 - Check-in point (competitors leave a comment on the check-in post telling us their progress)

  • April 7 - Challenge ends (word counts are reported)

  • April 14 - Winner is announced

Good luck and godspeed, competitors! 7 sign-ups so far.

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